Surprise! iTunes libary found

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Today something really weird (but exciting) happened. I downloaded a new album from iTunes on my laptop knowing that my external drive with all my music on it was not plugged in so I expected the songs to create a default iTunes libary on the local drive and I would have to copy them to my external later. Anyway the strangest thing happened, my external drive was plugged into my iMac which of course is part of the home network and to my surprise iTunes automatically downloaded the tracks straight to the external drive through the network on the the drive attached to my iMac. Yes it is a great thing! Yes I didn’t expect that to happen, but it did. The weird thing is that I thought the hard drive would have a different address being connected to a different computer and iTunes on the laptop would store the files locally, making me have to move them to the external.

Go Apple! here is a couple of screen shots from me clicking show in finder to get ready to move the files.

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