Who I am and what I do

UPDATE I am no longer taking on freelance clients, you can still find me over at EPIC which is the new company I started doing even more of what I love.

My name is Asher Charles. I am a freelance graphic designer and front end web developer from Melbourne, Australia. This website is designed to showcase some of the projects I have worked on and to help you get to know me a little.

My skills include front end web programming in HTML, XHTML, PHP, CSS, jQuery, Javascript and Wordpress Development and I also have a great understanding of Linux cPanel, IT Administration, Computer systems building, Network Administration, MySQL Databases and I even run my own web servers so I understand and help setup everything from the domain name to the completed web site.

I focus on web design, front end development, email and social network marketing, graphic design and identity work. Having all these services in one place improves productivity and eliminates confusion whilst also becoming more cost effective.

Who I work with

I am the lead freelance front-end developer for these great and influential companies. I am proud to work along side these companies in helping them create solutions for their clients.

Windfall Design
Thirst Creative
Icon Partners