Waking up an hour early thanks to Apple

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Well after waiting over 2 months for my new iPhone 4 (which I am totally in love with) I noticed a strange thing when trying to wake up in the morning to the alarm… It was going off an hour early. Now I would like to know how this is even possible? Wouldn’t the alarm run off the internal clock in the iPhone? I heard that the issue only happened when Daylight savings kicked in, but even that is strange cause even the iPhone auto updated to DST perfectly.

Last month, iPhone users in New Zealand woke up to to the early alarm . The new iOS 4.1 had a bug that caused their alarm clocks to set off an hour early than scheduled. This bug spread as I found out personally to Australia earlier this month when our Daylight Savings kicked in. Apple is clearly on tight deadlines to fix this issue.

I heard from the MacTalk Australia podcast the iOS 4.2 release that is expected early next month. Apple seem not to be concerned by this issue as after releasing this statement.

“We’re aware of this issue and already developed a fix which will be available to customers in an upcoming software update.”

But again, no ETA is revealed. So it should not really surprise us if the update happens alongside the iOS 4.2 release.

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