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So today I downloaded some great PDF’s about web design from sitepoint. I decided I wanted to get them on my iPhone so I could read them while on the go, traveling between work and back on the train. My first thought was to email the files to myself and open them up through mail on the iPhone. Issue… The PDF’s are 90meg + and my server has a limit of sending 50meg files. What to do now? I decided to look for an app that allows the transfer of files from my Mac to the iPhone (seeing that iTunes doesn’t offer that kind of service) I stumbled across FileApp by a company called DigiDna. For $5.99 I now have an app that can transfer via WiFi most file formats from my Mac to the iPhone.

Here is a run down of the features:

  • View files and Office documents on iPhone
  • View images and play audio and video files
  • Transfer documents to iPhone via Wi-Fi
  • Browse files by folder, date, name or type
  • Open ZIP files in folders
  • Send single Email attachments
  • Delete files or folders
  • Create new text documents on iPhone
  • Edit existing text documents
  • Create ZIP file with multiple files and folders
  • Send multiple Email attachment
  • Create, copy, move, delete or rename multiple files and folders

This product is great, I give it a 8.5/10

Here is a link to download

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