Sunday morning logo creation

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Occasionally, well usually once a year the household gets the flu. This has been a week of lugging around in our Ugg Boots. It has been a full week of work but when it comes to the weekend, there is not much else we  want to do but lie on the couch and watch movies all day and hang out on the interweb looking at webs designs, reading articles and playing around with new tools and plugins.

Logo design is apart of what I offer as a business solution however a lot of the time it is really hard to sell the best of the logos you have designed to the client so some times it is just really fun and exciting to be able to create a makeup company and go to town with whatever you like to do. I also included a few of the the following designs in my portfolio, well hey they are still creations. Hope you enjoy, I know I did.

logo-richards-02 logo-richards-03 logo-richards-01 logo-richards-04  logo-vision-03 logo-vision-02 logo-vision-04

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