I focus on web design, front end development, email and social network marketing, graphic design and identity work. Having all these services in one place improves productivity and eliminates confusion whilst also becoming more cost effective.

Consulting and Planning

Sitting down to nut out the direction of company is essential, this helps both parties understand the process and allows me to not only make your website look and function great but also deliver results. I believe in establishing the goals and direction of your business before leaping into the production process. Approaching projects in this manner has helped me deliver great results for my clients, instead of just a pretty looking website. In the end, this is what’s most important to you. I start each project with a relaxed meeting over a coffee or beer (depending on what tickles your fancy). During this meeting I will listen to what your main objectives are and work out way in which I can create solutions.

Website Design & Development

Getting your site noticed on the world wide web can seem like a daunting task. It is a combination of artistic and technical values, I build my websites under the W3C standards complaint guidelines, you are probably thinking “what is he talking about?” well… it basically means that your website is built to increase organic Google rankings, using the most up to date source code and still look fantastic. Building a successful web website shouldn’t have to seem like a tough proposition. It is both an art and a science, requiring not only the ability to identify opportunities and assemble strategic plans, but also the technical expertise to execute them.

Online Marketing

My online marketing services include search engine and directory placement, email marketing campaigns, e-newsletter solutions, web site optimization, research, tactical strategy, and much more. With monitoring and analysis of results by Google and my hosting companies can continually refine and enhance their offerings to ensure higher success rates. Online marketing services are an ideal solution for businesses that lack the time, money, and technical resources to build out their online marketing infrastructure.