RiverSally’s New album

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The release of the long awaited album from RiverSally. www.riversally.com

“Life’s a journey; River is music for the journey.”

RiverSally is a singer-songwriter, recording artist, composer and creative producer/director. Her unique musical style is both inspirational and transformational. Above and beyond being an artist, RiverSally is warm-hearted and generous and her music desires to communicate that each of us are valued and much-loved. “River”, RiverSally’s first release, is like a lush film score, taking you on an enchanting journey to the special place where rest and restoration are found. It’s the kind of music that makes you feel as though you’re in a comfy chair by the fireplace with a bottomless pot of tea, or sitting in the still of the evening as you gaze beyond the horizon. Life’s a journey; River is music for the journey…

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